UPCAT Review

Are you ready for the UPCAT this 2015?

Enroll in Young Einstein Learning Center’s review program and we will provide you with the right tools to excel in any entrance test!

Get quality teaching through academic professionals.
Our faculty members are composed of UP and Phil. Science alumni, with over 15 years of combined experience in teaching and developing review programs.

Know your performance level.
We provide comprehensive assessment tests at the start of each program to let you know where you stand in each subject of the college entrance test.

Maximize your learning potential.
Be part of a class with a maximum of 15 to 20 students only.  Be encouraged to ask academic questions that have been bugging you for years.  You will gain more personalized teaching, and still meet new friends.

Gain expert advice.
Join our leadership workshops for free, and get the most effective test-taking techniques.  Our goal-setting seminar and career talks from professionals will help you see what courses might be perfect for you.  Our time management workshop will help you to organize your time and use it wisely, so that you can study and still have time for the other things important in your life.

Know how much you have accomplished in the review.
We provide a final comprehensive test at the end of each program to let you know how far you’ve come and in what areas you need to improve.

Prepare for the unexpected.
Take our Simulated Test and experience what the actual test might be like.

If you want to take hold of your future, enroll at Young Einstein, and excel in any entrance test!

College Prep 2015