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We do not just tutor. We mentor.

“To mentor is to support and encourage people to manage their own learning in order that they may maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be.” Eric Parsloe, The Oxford School of Coaching & Mentoring

Whether your child needs support in the basics of a particular subject matter, or has exceptional skills in a certain subject, Young Einstein has the right program for you:

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All mentoring programs are geared towards developing the child’s learning potential, taking into consideration the content coverage of their school curriculum. All programs are open for grade school, high school, and college students.


ACCELERATE is a mentoring program for students who have mastered the basics of their subjects, can apply the concepts, but are looking for exposure to new, non-conventional, and more challenging exercises.  These students practice good time management in school and at home, and are able to finish requirements on time.


REINFORCE is a mentoring program for students who need strengthening in the basics of their subject concepts, further practice similar to the classroom-provided exercises and exposure to new non-conventional exercises.  These students need both follow-through and initial support in their daily homework to bring them to completion.

Program: EMPOWER

EMPOWER is a mentoring program for students who need remediation in previously learned concepts,  strengthening in the basics of these concepts, further practice similar to the classroom-provided exercises and exposure to new non-conventional exercises.  These students need more time in the mentoring program to arm them with the sufficient concepts, expose them to applications of these concepts, and empower them to do better in school.



We believe that every child is unique.  Each child has his own talents, abilities, and intelligences.  Given the right tools both in and outside of academics, every child will be able to do more, be more, and grow to his maximum potential.  Just as teachers do, we aim to discover the abilities and skills of each child through our mentoring program, and to inspire him to be the best he can be.

Our Mentoring Principles:
1. Learning is best achieved through first-hand experience.  Learning is at a minimum when a child is just shown how to do a task or to answer a question.  A mentor must let the child experience the task first by trying on his own.

2. Learning is accomplished through active participation.  Communication is two-way.  Both the mentor and the child must interact through continuous dialogue, and if necessary for a particular lesson, through illustrations and writing.

3. Learning is attained through constructive feedback.  The mentor must give regular constructive feedback of the child’s performance, for strengthening his understanding and for correcting misconceptions.

4.  Learning is the result of team effort of the triad: Mentor – Teacher – Parent.

5. Learning milestones must be documented.  The mentor records milestones in each learning session, so that the parents/guardians can assist the child complementarily at home.

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To reserve your slot or for any questions, please contact us at 0917.8357636, landline 560.5916. or email: or use the form below

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