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PSHS Review Testimonials

“The Young Einstein Review Center is one of many but it is really special . First of all because you can learn many new things that can help you in whichever entrance exam you want to take. The teachers are also very nice and they give useful tips and tricks to help you out. This is an opportunity not only to learn but also to meet new friends. The Philippine Science High School entrance exam is one of the hardest and most challenging in the country, yet because of Young Einstein, I was able to get through it.” – R. Bitanga

UPCAT Review Testimonials

“The best decision I ever made preparing for college entrance tests. Young Einstein gave me the confidence I very much needed back then! The teachers are all very attentive and adjust to each student’s needs, not to mention they’re fun! Thank you truly, Young Einstein, for all your help in getting me to pass the entrance tests into the best schools I could ever hope for in the country.”
— J. Espiritu, passed UP and Ateneo de Manila, 2013

“The teaching methods used are very comprehensive and practical. Because of the minimal population present, each student is given proper attention. The teachers are very friendly which makes the sessions enjoyable. I was really inspired to learn more.
The review center also provided stimulative privileges like letting us take our exams in UP which prepared us.  I’m thankful because Young Einstein didn’t only add up to my learning but also helped in molding me into a competitive individual.”
– – Y. Aguila, passed UP and UST, 2013

“Envisioning. Educational. Enjoyable. That is the YELC Experience. All the teachers are willing to impart their knowledge to us upcoming college students. I would never forget the experiences I had with my classmates. YELC really helps you face the challenge of entering into your own dream institutions. Thanks and more power!”
– – E.J. Allanigue, passed UP and Ateneo de Manila, 2013

“Being in Young Einstein is something I never knew I would love. At first, I really doubted enrolling there or even in any review center because I wanted to enjoy my summer vacation. But I forced myself, since I wanted to enter a prestigious university, and I knew that I needed to be equipped. Later on, I realized how right my decision was. Thanks to Young Einstein, I was able to learn and enjoy during the summer at the same time. The teachers indeed helped me in mastering the subjects that they offer during the sessions (not to mention very approachable as well ), and the seminars that gave us various tips in test-taking and planning for college was also of great help. Plus, I was able to gain a new set of friends with different personalities which, for me, gave me a glimpse of what college life must be like. I am very grateful to YELC! Being part of YELC is truly an awesome experience.”
– – E. Payongayong, passed the UPCAT and the UST Entrance Test, 2011.

“Young Einstein Learning Center is not your typical review center wherein you will be required to read tons of topics and listen to the never-ending discussions of the teachers. In YELC, I was able to learn, not only the topics that I needed to be able to answer the entrance exams, but I was able to learn life lessons through my experiences with my teachers and classmates. Actually, they were more than my teachers and classmates, they practically became my summer buddies! Also, YELC has a different kind of approach in some other things. I could still remember that we had Goal Setting sessions, Career Day, and we even had to submit a book report for English Class! This, I am very certain, is not being offered to other review centers, making YELC a cut above the rest.

Truly, I am thankful for what YELC has given me, and I wouldn’t be enjoying my college life at present if it weren’t because of them. For if it weren’t because of them, I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

Kudos to YELC! :)” — C. Torremana

“At first, i really knew that Young Einstein Learning Center is destined for me because it’s the only active review center i could search for knowing that in that moment, it is too late to review. 🙂
I feel so blessed that God has directed me to this center which is composed of successful graduates of prestigious schools that would surely teach me not only in academics but also for aiming high. I’m very grateful for the approachable and intelligent teachers whom i have gained knowledge and learned so many things. It helped me a lot for preparing for UPCAT because of organized learning materials, effective strategies and challenging activities. I enjoy reviewing here also because of other reviewees whom i coped with and eventually became my friends 🙂 I want to thank you all and also congratulate you for enhancing us students to our very best. God bless!” — J. Corpuz

It’s really a review. You know, we review the things we’ve learned when we were 1st years and second years. Sometimes, we do advance lessons which is actually really challenging. Our class’ schedule was from 1:00-5:00 in the afternoon. So you can imagine the drowsy state I’d be in if my teachers were not that good.

Our teachers are so good. They can really, really, teach well. When sometimes, the lesson would be hard for us to understand, they would try to make things easier and give us more examples. They are really amazing, I swear! Sometimes, they would also give us exam tips and study techniques. They are really friendly and so hip cool!

“You know, review centers are not really… you know, killers. Because aside from getting to learn new things and review past lessons, you get to meet new friends. I did. I met a lot of amazing, smart and cool people there. It’s learning in a fun way.

Part of our schedule that time, was to go to UP and have conferences and simulated exams there. It’s part of the review package. It was really fun because we get to meet other guys who goes to the same review center as us but in different sections or branch. Lots and Lots of new friends.” — C. L. Nuyana