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College Prep 2018 (UPCAT, ACET, DLSU / UST CET, Other College Entrance Test Reviews)

YELC UPCAT Review 2014

Equipping you with the most complete tools to excel in any entrance test!

– Summer 2018 Classes
– Available in Quezon City
– Open to Incoming Grade 12 Students by June 2018

Group & Scholar Discounts Available!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your review for the UPCAT only?

Our College Prep Program prepares our reviewees not only for UP (UPCAT), but for the other universities as well. It is a comprehensive review program that covers Math, Science, English, Filipino, and Abstract Reasoning, which are included in the college entrance tests.

We offer students more than just a review. Through the Leadership Conference, students are trained in Personal Goal-setting, Effective Time Management, and Test-taking techniques. We aim to mold students who strive to become role models to their peers, who dream to make a difference, and to start this by studying hard to excel in the fields they want to pursue.

2. When is the Review date?